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First and foremost, we are committed to excellence in advocacy. Although a number of the lawyers at Paliare Roland concentrate their practice in specific areas of litigation, no one is required to do so. The firm's culture is rooted firmly in the belief that a good litigator is able to do virtually any type of case. Consequently, the ability to advocate on behalf of a client -- any client -- is the primary skill we look for in a lawyer.

Summer and articling students at Paliare Roland will have the opportunity to obtain experience in numerous areas of litigation, including commercial, labour, employment, administrative and appellate. This broad perspective within an advocacy framework will provide students with a unique experience. We believe we are a superior advocacy firm. Our goal with students is to hire and develop superior advocates.

Our objective is to involve our students in the practice and development of the areas of law in which we are involved. Our students will not only be expected to assist in research, drafting, and preparation of cases, but will also be encouraged to attend with lawyers at hearings, trials, and examinations for discovery, as well as at professional development programmes. Students will take part in client interviews, and will be involved in drafting legal opinions and memoranda, pleadings, and facta. Students may attend at court before Masters and be given Small Claims and administrative law matters to carry.

It is our intention to hire students interested in advocating for the rights of our clients, whether in the civil/commercial or labour/employment/administrative context. Students will not be placed in a rotation and will enjoy the challenge of working with most of our lawyers in a wide variety of practice areas.

Our students will be assigned a single mentor for the duration of the summer or articling year. The mentor will be responsible for ensuring that their student is receiving an appropriate amount and range of work, and also for assisting their student with any problems that might arise from time to time. Students will receive feedback on their work from the assigning lawyer on a project by project basis. In addition, students will receive formal performance evaluations from their mentor at intervals throughout the articling year.

Our office atmosphere is informal. We have no specific dress code but, instead, leave it up to the good sense of all members of the firm to dress appropriately for the circumstances, keeping in mind that they may have to meet with clients or run off to court on short notice. Students are welcome to participate in all firm social events, whether formal or informal. Because of our size, students will quickly become part of the firm's social fabric.

Salary will be competitive with other law firms in downtown Toronto. Articling Students will receive full salary and tuition during the Bar Admission Course. We also offer a dental, health and life insurance plan, a subsidized health club membership and paid vacation.

We hire 2-3 second year summer law students each November, in accordance with LSUC guidelines and deadlines.  We hire articling students on occasion. Please see How to Apply for available summer and articling positions. We do not have positions for first year law summer students or for students prior to law school. We accept applications by viDesktop.

Exceptional Advocates.


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