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Labour Law

We are Union lawyers.

For decades, Paliare Roland lawyers have provided full service representation to significant public and private sector unions and their members in relation to all aspects of their interaction with employers, governments and other Unions.    

We are leaders in bringing efficient and innovative approaches to resolving rights disputes through effective expedited processes. We are known as experienced, tough and skilled negotiators. We are proven and effective advocates before Boards of Arbitration, Labour and Human Rights Tribunals, disciplinary tribunals involving organized professionals, and all levels of Court. 

We help our clients organize, bargain, strike effectively, and defend their rights once secured. As with all aspects of our practice, we bring intelligence, determination and common sense to finding appropriate solutions to our Union clients’ problems.  

Our firm is a nationally top-ranked litigation boutique. We bring our breadth of litigation experience beyond labour law to bear on the resolution of labour disputes and all forms of litigation involving our Union clients. In addition to assisting our Union clients with their daily efforts to advance the interests of their membership in conventional labour settings, we regularly assist Unions to find opportunity in the litigation that comes with major insolvencies, employee ownership arrangements and corporate restructurings.   

We are counsel of choice in complex civil litigation matters, and the many different kinds of regulatory hearings, inquiries and inquests where Unions need especially skilled counsel to get the results desired. We have been extensively involved in the struggle before the courts to force governments to extend bargaining rights to those who have been denied the basic right to organize and bargain collectively.

Exceptional Advocates.


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