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Judicial Inquiries and Inquests

Public or judicial inquiries are called by the municipal, provincial or federal government to review events that cause public concern or outcry. Unlike a trial, the inquiry process is investigative, rather than adversarial – its purpose is to review those events, in order to determine what happened and why, and most importantly, how to prevent them from ever happening again.  

While the inquiry is led by a commissioner, usually a judge, lawyers play a critical role in the inquiry process. Lawyers may be appointed by the commissioner to work with him or her as commission counsel, or they may represent the parties who have an interest in the process and its outcome. 

Even before the firm’s inception, the lawyers at Paliare Roland have brought their expertise in advocacy and commitment to the public interest to their work for judicial inquiries. They have been actively involved in the Province and the City’s inquiries in both capacities – as commission counsel and as counsel to a party with standing in the process. 

Paliare Roland’s extensive involvement in judicial inquiries includes acting as counsel to the Hospital for Sick Children at the inquiry into baby deaths at the hospital; to the Durham Regional Police Association at the Guy Paul Morin Inquiry; to the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union at the Walkerton Inquiry; to the Ontario Provincial Police Association and its members at the Ipperwash Inquiry; to the City of Toronto at the Toronto Computer Leasing Inquiry and the Toronto External Contracts Inquiry; and to the developer World Class Developments Ltd. at the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry.

The lawyers at Paliare Roland have also acted as commission counsel to the MacKenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry, the Alaska Highway Pipeline Inquiry, the Dionne Quintuplet Review, and most recently, the Inquiry into Pediatric Forensic Pathology in Ontario.

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