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We are 48 barristers, dedicated to exceptional advocacy.

We are a litigation boutique with a broad range of expertise and experience. We are routinely involved in Canada's highest profile cases, whether complex commercial litigation or class actions,  professional discipline or labour disputes. We are trusted to manage the most sensitive legal issues facing businesses of every size, individuals, labour unions, professional regulatory bodies, academic institutions, and public interest organizations. We are devoted to excellence in advocacy in every area of our practice.

We take seriously our obligations as officers of the court and members of the Bar. While we represent our clients zealously, we also strive for civility in all of our dealings with other counsel and their clients. We value our reputation as advocates whom courts, tribunals and opposing counsel can trust. We believe that this approach to practice is not only the right way to practice law, but that it assists us in achieving the best results for our clients.

Much of our work is referred to us from other lawyers. We respect referrals from other law firms. We appreciate that our colleagues place their trust in us to deal with matters important to their clients. We recognize that other lawyers refer clients to us for a specific reason, whether because of a conflict or for our expertise in the subject-matter of the case referred to us.

Paliare Roland Barristers. Exceptional Advocates.

Exceptional Advocates.


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