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Equity - Diversity

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Paliare Roland hires only the best and brightest, and we value the diversity of thought, viewpoint, experience and background that all individuals can offer. 

We are proud that our firm increasingly reflects the diversity of the broader community that it serves. Our client base ranges from small business owners to multinational corporations, and from individuals of all backgrounds to national trade unions. We believe that our clients are best served by lawyers who understand and reflect the diversity of their own experiences and interests.

We also recognize that promoting diversity is not just in our clients' interest. It also makes for a more open, inclusive and vibrant workplace. Paliare Roland is well known for its culture of equality.

Women in the Profession

Paliare Roland is a really great place for women to work. Maybe it's our equality of numbers, maybe it's our fantastic female role models, maybe it's the way we sponsor talent regardless of gender, or maybe it's our collection of amazing men who actually get it - somehow, we've created a culture where women not only stay, but thrive and succeed. The women of Paliare Roland have both presence and power, at all levels of the firm and in the professional organizations to which they contribute.

Paliare Roland is also a lead participant in the Law Society of Upper Canada's Justicia Project - a voluntary and precedent-setting initiative designed to support the retention and advancement of women lawyers in private practice. Megan Shortreed and Linda Rothstein are members of the Justicia Steering Committee and act as Chairs of its various committees. We have been early-adopters of all the recommendations of the Justicia Project, including initiatives and policies respecting parental leave, flexible work arrangements, advancement into partnership, business development and leadership skills.

We recognize that women lawyers in a top tier litigation boutique face unique challenges in their legal careers and that there is no simple solution to this complex reality. That's why we work hard to support balance, flexibility, mentorship, leadership, and strong business practices for the women in our  practice.

Exceptional Advocates.


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