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Labour Law

We are Union lawyers.

For decades, Paliare Roland lawyers have provided full service representation to significant public and private sector unions and their members in relation to all aspects of their interaction with employers, governments and other Unions.    

We are leaders in bringing efficient and innovative approaches to resolving rights disputes through effective expedited processes. We are known as experienced, tough and skilled negotiators. We are proven and effective advocates before Boards of Arbitration, Labour and Human Rights Tribunals, disciplinary tribunals involving organized professionals, and all levels of Court. 

We help our clients organize, bargain, strike effectively, and defend their rights once secured. As with all aspects of our practice, we bring intelligence, determination and common sense to finding appropriate solutions to our Union clients’ problems.  

Our firm is a nationally top-ranked litigation boutique. We bring our breadth of litigation experience beyond labour law to bear on the resolution of labour disputes and all forms of litigation involving our Union clients. In addition to assisting our Union clients with their daily efforts to advance the interests of their membership in conventional labour settings, we regularly assist Unions to find opportunity in the litigation that comes with major insolvencies, employee ownership arrangements and corporate restructurings.   

We are counsel of choice in complex civil litigation matters, and the many different kinds of regulatory hearings, inquiries and inquests where Unions need especially skilled counsel to get the results desired. We have been extensively involved in the struggle before the courts to force governments to extend bargaining rights to those who have been denied the basic right to organize and bargain collectively.

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    • Nini Jones, Jodi Martin, and Glynnis Hawe successfully represented the Waterloo Regional Police Association in an appeal brought by the plaintiffs, current and former uniform women members, in a proposed class action proceeding.  They were entirely successful once again in arguing that the civil courts have no jurisdiction over claims of unfair representation by the Association, which must be heard by specialized labour arbitrators appointed under the Police Services Act.

      Rivers v Waterloo Regional Police Services Board, 2019 ONCA 267:

    • Nini Jones and Lauren Pearce acted for OPSEU: Ontario (Treasury Board Secretariat) v Opseu (Correctional Bargaining Unit).

      This interest arbitration concluded the first collective agreement for OPSEU’s stand-alone correctional bargaining unit. The Arbitrator accepted OPSEU’s arguments that correctional officers in Ontario are materially underpaid relative to their comparators in other jurisdictions, and awarded this group a total 15.5% compounded wage increase over the course of a four year collective agreement.  The Arbitrator also held that these employees should be permitted to access psychological treatment without any cap per visit on their benefits coverage. These historical advancements recognize the unique challenges faced by these important public servants: 2019 CanLII 24936 (ON LA),


    • Nini Jones and Jodi Martin acted for the Ontario Provincial Police Association in their collective agreement negotiations and interest arbitration:

    • Nini Jones has acted for numerous police associations in respect of the disbandment of their police services to ensure that their rights are protected and that their employees are treated fairly, including recently with Emily Home for the Midland Police Association:

    • Nini Jones, Jodi Martin, and Glynnis Hawe represented the Waterloo Regional Police Association in a class action proceeding brought against it by current and former members.  They were successful in arguing that the civil courts have no jurisdiction over such claims and, in the alternative, that there was no cause of action to warrant certification:

    • Nini Jones and Glynnis Hawe successfully represented the Ontario Provincial Police Association in a grievance that advanced the scope of the OPP’s obligations in respect of the mental health of its employees:

    • In College of Nurses of Ontario v Wettlaufer, 2017 CanLII 77173 (ON CNO), Megan Shortreed acted as prosecuting counsel in revoking the nursing license of convicted serial killer nurse, Elizabeth Wettlaufer, before the Discipline Committee of the College of Nurses of Ontario. 
    • Don Eady, Andrew Lokan and Emily Lawrence represented OPSEU in two applications for certification filed with the Ontario Labour Relations Board involving part-time academic and support staff at 24 community colleges.  These applications are the largest applications for certification ever filed at the OLRB involving over 10,000 employees.  As part of these applications, OPSEU challenged the exclusion of the part-time academic and support staff from statutory collective bargaining under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
    • Don Eady, Danny Kastner and Jodi Martin represented ATU Local 113 in a dispute over the conditions required for a free and fair union certification vote.
    • In OPSEU v. Seneca College, Nick Coleman and Nini Jones argued before an arbitrator, at the Divisional Court (2004 CanLII 36140 (Ont. Div. Ct.)) and at the Court of Appeal (2006 CanLII 14236 (O.C.A.)) regarding whether the arbitrator had the authority to award aggravated and punitive damages.
    • During the Ontario public service strike in March, April and May, 2002, Don Eady, Nick Coleman, John Monger, Andrew Lewis and Robert Centa (among others) represented OPSEU in respect of all picketing and other matters before the Courts across the province.
    • Don Eady represented a number of trade unions before arbitrators, the Divisional Court and the Court of Appeal on the issue of whether the employer or the employee should be required to pay the Ontario Health Premium.

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