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Doin' Good

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Every year since its inception, Paliare Roland has donated a portion of its revenue to charitable endeavours locally and abroad.

As our revenue grows, so does the money available for charitable giving. We call this our “Doin’ Good” program. Between 2001 and 2020, our Doin’ Good donations to registered charities totaled approximately $3,340,000. These donations do not include amounts that members of the firm donate individually. Questions about our Doin’ Good program can be addressed to Andrew Lewis at

The major recipients of our Doin’ Good funds in recent years have been:

  • War Child Canada
  • Woodgreen Community Services (Homeward Bound Program)
  • The Stop Community Food Centre
  • Homes First
  • East Scarborough Storefront
  • Lawyers Feed the Hungry
  • FoodShare
  • Peacebuilders International (Canada)
  • Connected North
  • Daily Bread Food Bank

We also encourage members of the firm to volunteer their time for charities, as board members or otherwise, and many of us do. Each year our staff organizes and participates in a number of events to raise money for organizations of their choice.

In addition to these firm wide events, the individual members of our firm are incredibly active in a wide range of charitable endeavours. Our staff volunteer hundreds of hours a year to a wide range of organizations in their local communities. They volunteer their time with local sports organizations in their communities, job readiness programs and cultural organizations seeking to assist those who are less fortunate.

Our staff also donates to a wide range of charities from the United Way, local arts and cultural organizations, Toronto-based hospital and health foundations, animal protection groups and environmental organizations.

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